Hello there to all of the readers. In this occasion, I would like to talk about one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is located near Caribbean Ocean, at the top of South America, and this land is called: Venezuela.

Venezuela is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The country is blessed with many natural resources and the most beautiful places and beaches you would ever see, such as Archipelago Los Roques, The Morrocoy, and Tucacas beaches, and other marvels as Angel Falls, which is the highest waterfalls from the whole world, There are also dessert places, such as The Coro Dunes; there’s also snowing places such as Merida, which has is the highest and longest Cableway in the world, and it is called “Mukumbar√≠”, this means “the place where the sun rests”, in indigenous tongue.

Venezuela has a nice weather, being by the Caribbean shore makes the country have a very warm climate.

There are natural beauties such as the National Park Canaima, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1994, and because it’s geographic extension, it is the sixth larger natural park in the whole world.

One natural marvel to see is the Catatumbo lightning, which is a natural phenomenon that is caused by continuous bolts of silent lightning about 10 kilometers higher.

The most beautiful beaches are Caye Sombrero, Los Roques, Mochima National Park, Margarita Island, these are the most crowded beaches year by year. Many hundreds of locals and foreigners come every year to enjoy these beauties. The warm temperature, the crystalline waters, and fine sand make them a paradise where many want to enjoy. The locals are very nice and warm people as well,

If you happen to come to this paradise, you should try the native fruits, such as avocado, papaya, guava, watermelon, mango, pineapple, among others. Some of them are grown and they are accessible for much of the year.

About the gastronomy, Venezuelan one is very varied and is the result of the cult blend of many cultures, such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The most popular dish is the “Arepas”, which is a rounded bun of corn, and it can be filled with other foods as a companion, such white cheese, black beans, eggs. Venezuelans also prepare the “Pabellon Criollo”, which is also a very popular dish. This contains rice, black beans, eggs, and meat. Another delight is the “Hallaca”, which is a corn bun filled with lots of ingredients, such as meat, olives, lamb, chicken, and this is the most eaten plate in Christmas seasons.

For this and more, I really think you should visit Venezuela. Before I end I feel that I must relate a short tail about a couple I met not to long ago that visited Venezuela a number of years ago and since had traveled to numerous other countries around the world. Well it seems that this couple was so impressed with Venezuela that when they found out that I had ties there they wanted to tell me a very long story about all there family and how at the moment they were so proud of a daughter that had started a business and it was doing so well and how they wanted to take all of them some day to experience what they had experienced in Venezuela. Enjoy yourselves.