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Why Take a Beach Holiday to Split, Croatia

The vibrant city of Split is Croatia’s second largest city and is known for its beautiful buildings and crystal clear water. Split is full of life and has been named as being the perfect balance between modernity and ancient life.

The variety of beaches around Split each offer something unique for visitors. The many beaches with calm shallow water prove to be a popular choice for those with families. One of the most well-known family beaches, Znjan Beach, stretches 1 km long and provides water of the perfect shallowness for young children.

Pebbly beaches situated close to cocktail bars and famous for their nightlife under the stars, such as Bacvice Beach, are perfect for those wanting to have some fun. A few smaller, quieter beaches are populated by those wanting to relax and take some time away from the busyness of the city.

The bustling Old Town of Split comes alive with culture. From the old cobblestoned lanes to the beautiful architecture of the old buildings, the sights are often described as “breath-taking”. The Old Town is filled with a variety of cafes and restaurants, making it easy to find the popular traditional Croatian dish Black Squid Ink Risotto, a delicious must-try for the holiday makers who consider themselves to be food lovers. Right in the centre of the Old Town, visitors can gaze up at the Old Town Clock and feel almost as if they were standing in another time period.

Split provides a range of water-based activities for adventurers and those travelling with families. Considered one of the most popular adventures, the boat tour into the old caves is a highlight for many. Although most caves don’t allow swimming, the sight alone is something worth seeing. Another much-loved activity for tourists is sailing. With a choice of skippered or self-sailed boats, you’re able to take in the view of the island from the water during the day, and watch the sky turn bright orange while the sun sets.

From the stunning beaches to the life-filled town, the city of Split has an abundance of unique beauty to offer for all adventurists and holiday makers alike.

Why visit Wroclaw Poland

This article isn’t tied in with exhausting landmarks and different things, that are not fascinating for a writer. Have you gone to Poland yet? No? Goodness, that is an extraordinary misstep! There is a very astounding spot where you can’t be bored.

If you are hoping to spend occasions at one of the best and most fascinating nations in Europe, think about visiting Poland. This average measured and lovely nation is extremely worth visiting. Read more, to discover why. To present you a tad of Poland soul it is worth to depict most understood places in there:

The primary fascinating spot in Poland is Wroclaw – recorded and astounding spot. It’s known as the “understudy’s city” – and yes, this is a reality. The 20% of all residents are understudies. They’re coming there from entire Poland. It’s a gathering place and that is incredible! Be that as it may, there is one drawback of that certainties: it caused high rental costs, and on the off chance that you don’t have a considerable measure of money, it’s very hard to discover one.

Wroclaw magnificent locales

• The capital of Lower Silesia, situated on the Odra waterway, has been contrasted and Venice

• It’s been claimed by four unique nations and changed its name five times, making it wealthy in social

• Due to the numerous modest flights to Wroclaw and a flood of guests, it has been portrayed as the new Krakow

• The city has a young vibe on account of its well-known college

• It flaunts an energizing nightlife and social scene, stuffed with bistros, eateries, and lodgings.

Moving down to Lower Silesia, situated on the Odra waterway, you’ll locate the notable city of Wroclaw. Numerous call it the Venice of Poland, while it was as of late named the new Krakow, with its accumulation of islands and extensions making it an absolute necessity see for guests to the nation.

The city additionally has in excess of a thousand long stretches of history – experiencing five name changes, social advancement, and a few diverse proprietorships. Be that as it may, as Wroclaw, it has risen as an opponent to numerous bigger traveler goals in Poland.

Its scholarly offering has infused a sentiment of youth around the city and the nightlife scene is vivacious, yet not overwhelming. Bistros, eateries, and lodgings additionally make up it is the social gathering, so its opportunity to book up today.

Why travel to Tuscany Italy?


Tuscany is a region located in the central Italy and it encompasses the Apennine Mountains, the Chianti Olive’s vineyard and groves, and the island of Elba’s beaches. Its capital is Florence and it is distinguished by its artistic heritage, outstanding cities and natural landscape. All these make Tuscany an unquestioned principal of international tourism. Nature has diverse facets in this region, from the coast that substitutes the long and sandy beaches, for example, Versilia beach with steep headlands and rocky cliffs. There are lots to make you feel at home during your visit to Tuscany, read-on to see why you’d love to travel to Tuscany Italy.


When you desire a glass of good wine, Tuscany is the perfect place to have the world’s top rated wine of all time. It has an excellent climate condition that is best to produce the best wines that are recognized and accepted globally. Some of these wines are Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico Red Wine, Bolgheri Reds, Super Tuscan Ornellaia, and lots more.


One of the essential ingredients found in every Tuscan kitchen is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Tuscan cuisines are as simple as its ingredients. Grandmothers have the skills to mix the ingredients, making Tuscan foods delicious. These traditional are great taste to the native and tourists from around the globe, some of the dishes are: Pappa al Pomodoro, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Cacciucco alla Livornese, and much more.


There is variety of landscapes in Tuscany, each having its own admirable beauty. The popularly known are the Chianti wine region or Val d’Orcia rolling hills. Also, there are the gentle Pisa hills, Etruscan costal area and Bolgheri.

The Apuan Alps, in the northern part of the region are natural pure paradise that contains uncommon marbles qyarries of Carrara, more so, the beautiful region of Garfagnana and Lunigiana. For people that love nature, Tuscany is the paradise to visit with many natural parks, walking itineraries, hiking and biking.

Other interesting reasons why you would love to travel to Tuscany are not limited to the above listed points. Students come to learn high standard Italian language; some come in search of fine art, exploration of admiring countryside, and much more. So, a tourist visit to Tuscany Italy is a home away from home experience.

Venezuela, land of blessings…

Hello there to all of the readers. In this occasion, I would like to talk about one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is located near Caribbean Ocean, at the top of South America, and this land is called: Venezuela.

Venezuela is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The country is blessed with many natural resources and the most beautiful places and beaches you would ever see, such as Archipelago Los Roques, The Morrocoy, and Tucacas beaches, and other marvels as Angel Falls, which is the highest waterfalls from the whole world, There are also dessert places, such as The Coro Dunes; there’s also snowing places such as Merida, which has is the highest and longest Cableway in the world, and it is called “Mukumbarí”, this means “the place where the sun rests”, in indigenous tongue.

Venezuela has a nice weather, being by the Caribbean shore makes the country have a very warm climate.

There are natural beauties such as the National Park Canaima, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1994, and because it’s geographic extension, it is the sixth larger natural park in the whole world.

One natural marvel to see is the Catatumbo lightning, which is a natural phenomenon that is caused by continuous bolts of silent lightning about 10 kilometers higher.

The most beautiful beaches are Caye Sombrero, Los Roques, Mochima National Park, Margarita Island, these are the most crowded beaches year by year. Many hundreds of locals and foreigners come every year to enjoy these beauties. The warm temperature, the crystalline waters, and fine sand make them a paradise where many want to enjoy. The locals are very nice and warm people as well,

If you happen to come to this paradise, you should try the native fruits, such as avocado, papaya, guava, watermelon, mango, pineapple, among others. Some of them are grown and they are accessible for much of the year.

About the gastronomy, Venezuelan one is very varied and is the result of the cult blend of many cultures, such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The most popular dish is the “Arepas”, which is a rounded bun of corn, and it can be filled with other foods as a companion, such white cheese, black beans, eggs. Venezuelans also prepare the “Pabellon Criollo”, which is also a very popular dish. This contains rice, black beans, eggs, and meat. Another delight is the “Hallaca”, which is a corn bun filled with lots of ingredients, such as meat, olives, lamb, chicken, and this is the most eaten plate in Christmas seasons.

For this and more, I really think you should visit Venezuela. Before I end I feel that I must relate a short tail about a couple I met not to long ago that visited Venezuela a number of years ago and since had traveled to numerous other countries around the world. Well it seems that this couple was so impressed with Venezuela that when they found out that I had ties there they wanted to tell me a very long story about all there family and how at the moment they were so proud of a daughter that had started a business and it was doing so well and how they wanted to take all of them some day to experience what they had experienced in Venezuela. Enjoy yourselves.

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